Three Of The Best Candleholders

It is sort of a cliche, but I get the question again and again, when having people from abroad visiting – what is ”hygge”? There is really no English word for it, I even think that we, the Danes, are the only one with an actually word for it, but it is best translated as cozy, but still, its really not a super good word for it. It is also super hard to explain, because “hygge” can be so much, but it definitely involves lighted candles – and a lot of them. With this in mind, I thought I could pick out three candleholders that you should consider if you want to “hygge” it up for fall.


The Design Classic
The iconic Kubus designed by Mogens Lassen in 1962 might be one of the most recognizable design classics in Danish design. The Kubus is still crafted in Denmark, and among architects and design connoisseurs it has achieved the status of a modern international design icon. It is super versatile, as you it stand beautifully on its own, but you also pimp it up for Christmas or other holidays.



The Hipster Alternative
You may respect the mid-century designers a great deal, but you also want to stand out and not follow mainstream when it comes to your interior. Indeed you may have the little mermaid and the most Danish liquorice allsorts of the all, the “lakridspibe” on your arm, but that doesn’t mean you can’t like your lighted candles, it just mean you just want something different. Buster + Punch, for example, is one such brand that doesn’t do superfluous – and does it well. Their new Machined plate is made of solid brushed steel or brass, and it all started with Massimo Buster’s love for motorbikes, metalwork and music, if that’s not hipster, I don’t know what is.



The Sophisticated Classic
From the youth and irreverence of a Buster + Punch metallic candleholder to the maturity and sophisticated nature of an Ilse. It seems like Ilse Crawford can do no wrong these days, and the single stick candleholder for Georg Jensen is no exception. Restrained, yes. Sober – definitely. But certainly not boring. This candleholder is for a modern design lover who likes to express himself with genuine and simple pieces. A real timeless investment, this piece is one you’ll have around for many years to come.





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