Three sunny LA Instagramers make you want to move

As you know, I am currently working on my tan and saving up some of those essential vitamins d in Los Angeles. I am super excited to have met a few of favourite Instagramers already and looking to meet even more during the weekend. So today, I wanted to share a few of them with you guys too.

These three Instagramers all seem like they have the perfect life, all being super talented and extremely creative. I have followed them all for a long time and have been cathing up with them this past week in Los Angeles.


Bungalow5_PunoDostres_1 Bungalow5_PunoDostres_2First time I met this sassy one, was 10 minutes in LAX swapping keys, as we where doing a houseswap May last year. We finally got to hang in Cape Town and just spent two days in Palm Springs. Puno Dostres is co-founder of Made With Map and I Love Creatives, she is super fun and probably one of the craziest people I know. Her personal Instagram is a perfect example of just that!


Bungalow5_SililiaPiring_2 Bungalow5_SililiaPiring_1


I have been admiring her pictures for months and was super glad to finally meet her in person. Sisilia Piring works as a professional photographer by day and have just recently started vlogging as well – I might even be in one of her vlogs soon – her Instagram is a lot of her great work and some behind the scenes.


EvaGoicochea Bungalow5_EvaGoicochea_2

Where she finds the time for all of her projects is beyond me. Eva Goicochea is co-found of Tinker Watchers and Get Maude – and is also working on a couple of other new projects. For the past few years she has been capturing LA, but will soon move to Brooklyn, New York, a move I cannot wait to follow.

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