Throw an Impromptu End-of-Summer Dinner Party

The last days of summer are for indeed for savoring. It’s all about holding on to those long warm days as possible, because before we know it sunny days turns into rainy days, so it’s time to make the most of it. Luckily the weather forecast says sun all weekend, so I suggest you invite your friends for an end-of-summer celebration before it’s too late.

Together with iittala I set the scene last weekend for an intimate lunch gathering with a few friends. Lunch is really such an easy and very affordable way to host, you can still flex your hosting muscles, but without the added pressure of producing a proper feast. Cut up a few tomatoes and a nice sandwish and you are good to go. Just don’t go down on chilled rosé.

“Making good atmosphere is a human instinct which plays a part in improving the quality of our everyday lives.”

Each table has its atmosphere. What is the feeling around yours? Jasper Morrison designed Raami (frame in Finnish) for Iittala, which really brings that inviting and informal mood to the table that I enjoy. It is so crisp and clean. Raami is a collection of dining items, designed with great attention to detail. The feeling of Raami is familiar, something you’ve known throughout your life. When taking a closer look, its fine characteristics come out. The glassware being my favorite, especially when the colors is hit by the sun throwing long shadows along the table throughout the day.

Now it is your turn. Go call your best friends for an impromptu, spur-of-the-moment dinner on the patio. Just keep it simple. Before you know it you’ve created one of the most memorable end-of-summer evenings.

Posted in partnership with Iittala. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I am excited about and that have kept Bungalow5’s doors open.

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