Time For A Cabin Make Over – Starting with New Carpets

For quite some time we, Mr. LA and I, have talked about giving our cabin in Big Bear a makeover. These last two months of lockdown would have been pretty perfect, but with me in Copenhagen, I just had to let Mr. LA do all the hard work… am I really complaining? Not really. I like the interior decorating part, but pretty much everything that comes before it… no thanks.

The cabin is an old lady, actually she dates back to 1920s. She takes so good care of us, so it was time to get her a much need interior facelift. You know how it is, you start peeling of the carpet in one corner, and before you know it, walls, floors and basically every piece of furniture was ripped out.

In an ideal world, we would love to replace the old carpet throughout with a Douglas plan floor, but for now, we will replace it with a new carpet. Throughout the winter it gets cold in Big Bear (if you follow Mr. LA on IG, you might have seen him walking around in snow up to his knees just a few months ago), and as the floor is not in great shape, we would have to replace it all the way down to the studs. This is not the time for a remodel that costly. Anyway, back to the rug. You can catch a glimpse of in the pictures. As you can see from the close-up, it’s pretty gnarly and worn out.

We will stick with a wall-to-wall carpet for the entire living and dining room area, and to be honest there was only one obvious choice for us: Ege Carpets A New Wave Grass edition.

Ege Carpets is a Danish company founded in 1938. Today, they are one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of textile flooring. They believe that the right footprint is no footprint and for decades they have worked with high-quality sustainable materials. Check out their incredible sustainability strategy here.

The New Wave Grass edition is inspired by the rough and untouched landscape of the Danish West coast and the strict lines of the grass dunes. The carpet is crafted from ECONYL® yarns that are both regenerated and regenerable. Based on abandoned fishing nets and other industrial waste. Luckily, they have distribution throughout the US. Seriously, could it be more perfect? I just can’t wait to get it installed – and to share the final result with you guys.

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