Tone-In-Tone Scandi-Cali Fusion

I’ve been trying to work as little as possible while I’m in LA. Initial plan was to just hang out in the garden and enjoy the weather, but the rain changed those plans. So instead, I’ve just been visiting neighbors – and this Scandi-Cali fusion of a tone-in-tone house is just to die for. I asked if I could babysit the house for a few hours to photograph it.

It really is pretty cool, don’t you think?


I just love the calm colors and tones, and how it reminds me of a 70ies style summer house on the west coast of Denmark. I just might have to go back to shoot a few of my upcoming collaborations, as the setting and light is just perfect for my Scandi look.


Feeling inspired? Then you probably will love my trend post on tone-in-tone too.

// Photos and styling by Allan Torp

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