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Topanga Home: Creating the Perfect Guest Room

I am back in Los Angeles, this time I’ll spend two months, and I just can’t wait to really get to live in the new house. You might remember I only got about a week on my last trip. This summer we will basically be running a B&B, with multiple sets of friends visiting back to back. With everyone announcing their arrival we felt that the guest room needed to get the full makeover first.

I wanted to make it very simple and effortless. I like making it nice for my guests, but really dislike cleaning, so choosing furniture with the biggest impact is essential. Mr. LA I went bed shopping, because, we all know you need to start with a bed (duh!) and with a clean Scandi palette on the walls and floors, I really wanted something woody. As I have told you guys before, my overall idea is definitely to bring as much Scandi vibe in as possible but mix it all up with a bit of LA vibes too. But here’s the thing, unless you want it to go real crazy real fast, keep it to a relatively clean palette.

Well, back to the bed. We came across the Belgium brand, Ethnicraft, who have been creating authentic, contemporary and timeless furniture from solid wood for twenty years. It is all really timeless and while Belgium might not be part of Scandinavia, Ethnicraft’s wood approach fits perfectly with the style I wanted for the guest room. We got their Oak Spindle Bed, that headboard is just everything.

When it comes to making the bed, Mr. LA is a true expert. Flipping in the corners and everything. One might thing he used to have a career as a housekeeper at a fancy hotel. A good rule of thumb when it comes to making the bed looking effortlessly good every time is: mix solids with patterns/texture. I think the bedspreads should be all solids, if you like me like more than two pillows, you can add a matching color as well and then bring in pattern and textures with a blanket and extra decorative pillows. It is really that easy.

As I want my guests not to live out of their suitcase, we added a sideboard as well for that extra storage. The room already comes with a open closet space (actually it had doors, but we like it better this way), but as it only have on shelf, we added the sideboard with drawers. Again, Ethnicraft made it an easy choice. Their high oak whitebird console is just stunning, the eye-catching lines of the black slender legs with the oak console itself with sliding doors and drawers seems perfect.

I think a nightstand is the perfect place to add something that draws the eye, this is where you can fun it up a bit. It really shouldn’t match the bed too much. For this room, I added two different nightstands, which you might recognize from the old guesthouse. One side is black andtradition stool and the other is the marble Lato table also from andtradition. Both really striking and graphic, which pulls the whole room together perfectly.

Lastly, it was really just to add the final touches. A few art pieces, vases and other accessories. The black line art piece we found at HD Buttercup and the brass elements from the Ikebana vase and the Ilse Crawford oil lamp, I brought from Copenhagen.

Et Voila! It really is that easy. I like it, now we just hope our guests will too.


***Photography & styling by Allan Torp

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    June 14, 2019 at 19:38

    Such a nice room! I’m sure all your guests will love it. I know, I would! Have some fantastic months in LA, Allan

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    June 14, 2019 at 22:59

    What a beautiful room! We are working on putting our guest room together and you’ve inspired me. We’re waiting on getting the mattress cleaned before we do too much more (it’s our old mattress, and it’s in good shape but I just want it nice and fresh for our guests). Now you’ve got me inspired to do a simple, clean design. Thanks for sharing!

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