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Topanga Home: Let the Master Bathroom Makeover Begin

The biggest remodel we will do at the house has begun, the master bathroom has been taken down to the studs and while we had some idea of where we would go, we suddenly had to take some quick decisions. The plan was to start end of this month, but our contractor moved it up, which certainly isn’t a bad thing, just hit us a little of guard.

The original bathroom was black and white tiles, had no storage whatsoever, and an oval very shallow tub that took up almost half of the room. Oh, and lime green walls. Needless to say, it is ALL gone. Including the braided chandelier. Here’s what I am thinking:

The first thing I learnt, was that Americans do like their bathtubs, even if they never use it. It’s not a real bathroom if there isn’t a tub. However, I somehow persuaded Mr. LA that we could live without it (if we kept the tub in the guest bathroom) and instead install a massive walk-in shower with a rainfall shower head. I’ve never understood the whole tub idea in a private house, maybe because I don’t have kids, but it seems such a waste of space for something you never use. What do you think? Personally, I feel so uncomfortable in a tub, I am seriously bored after 2 min and just want to get out again. Anyway, no Pretty Woman scenario happing at this Topanga home anymore. Along the back wall, below the window, we will install a wall-to-wall bench, which will also work as a shelf for products etc.

The overall plan for the master is to make it into a bright bathroom, with lots of space, natural materials and a soft color palette. We want to bring in oak details and we are both all in on terrazzo. There are in fact two overhead windows, so light won’t be a problem at all, but as you can see, pretty much everything else is going.

The easiest part was actually deciding on the floor and wall tile. I introduced the idea of a terrazzo floor, as a more colorful Californian tile floor just didn’t seem like us. Terrazzo is VERY pricey, so we went for a tile option instead, which still comes with a pretty high price tag, but to balance it out, we chose a simple white subway tile.

As mentioned, we want to warm it all up with some natural elements and oak details, so we have been hunting for an oak vanity, which is NOT easy to find here in LA. There are a lot of options really, the truth is, that 99% of what we have found is just oak veneer and not pretty veneer unfortunately. So right now, we are looking around for a carpenter who can built it for us, which seems like the best option. Alternatively, we might have to look abroad.

Just to give you an idea of where we are, here’s the mood board I am working with right now.

I think we are on the right path, what do you think? Anything you would change? Or anything we are missing?

Just before I go, this is where we are right now. So, pretty safe to say, it will be a few weeks before we can jump into that new rainfall shower.

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  • Reply
    sunday haas
    July 19, 2019 at 16:34

    I want to do a terazzo tile also with brass inlay. Will you please tell me the source of your tile?

  • Reply
    July 20, 2019 at 02:09

    Hi Allan
    Cannot wait to see the finished bathroom. I too put in a big white clawfoot bath but hardly ever use it. It takes a tonne of water to fill and I feel bad wasting all that water. Also, I feel I need to have a shower before I hop in otherwise I feel like I am soaking in my own dirt!
    PS – Love your choice of bathroom accessories.

    • Reply
      July 20, 2019 at 22:29

      My point exactly. Scandinavians have removed bathtubs for decades, I seriously dont know anyone with one. I think the time has run out for the bathtub really. You end up using gallons of water to soak up for minutes. Thank you. We just got the tiles delivered today.

  • Reply
    Jennifer Moore
    August 17, 2019 at 20:54

    I love the design concept! Beautiful material selection. I can’t wait to see the finished bathroom! Please share pics.

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