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At the old house I had my own tiny office cabin, now I have my own office in the new house with a door I can close and windows facing the garden. I loved the tiny cabin in the garden, but I really love that now I can jump out of bed, grab a cup of coffee and get started right away, basically without getting dressed and I am not going to miss jumping through the garden on rainy days. Even though I only had the pleasure of the old office for just a year, I don’t just want to make the new one an exact replica. For one, I had to leave the wall-hanging cupboards anyway, so I only have the table and chair now anyway, but I also want to make it fit the new surroundings.

My dream is really to have a room that’s mind, where I can spend hours on end, a place I want to use.

Today’s big decision: Should I let my old table move across the hallway to Mr. LA’s office, update it, or keep it? Also, I need a new lamp and a rug. I am also really in two minds about shelving, do I go for the same as before? A new credenza? Or maybe some open more graphical shelving? But let’s stick with one item at the time, today I am going to focus on the most important one, the desk.

As a reminder, here’s how it was before we moved in:

Obviously, I am NOT keeping either the pink walls or the chandelier. I started with painting all walls white and sanded the floors, just to have clean canvas to work with.

I am having new, bigger windows installed in a few months, my idea is that I can sit facing the window overlooking the garden. I had the same setup at the old cabin office, and really enjoyed seeing birds etc. playing around. But what style of table? Do I keep what I have? Update it? Or change it all together?

Just to remind you guys, this was the setup at the cabin office I keep referring too:


There is nothing wrong with either table or chair, and I am tempted to keep the chair, because it is so comfy. It’s the table I am second guessing, I like the trestle idea, but I am really not so keen on the table top anymore, so that’s got to go in any case. I am thinking either a glass top or a glossy white top, I obviously want something cool and interesting? Something stylish and photogenic, but also something that actually works as a desk. But I am really inspired by the below:

// Photo by Ragnar Ómarsson //

I mean how handsome is that? My concern is, can I keep it clean enough to not be annoyed with my sticky finger marks all over. I think I can, but Mr. LA says no. Also, I tend to be bit of a disorganized when it comes to my desk situation, I do not suffer from any kind of OCD, which might actually be kind of bad when it comes to keeping a glass top tidy and clean enough.

My other idea for the update version is to do a glossy white top. So cool, but it might be a bit to 90s glam. But with the right styling I think it could work, and if you guys are all like, “GO FOR IT”, I might really consider. But it might also just look a bit to girly and Ellen Woods dormitory like and is that the office feel I want. Don’t think so. It’s super cool here because of that shininess the gloss surface comes with, and certainly lesser maintenance than a glass table.

// Left photo by Jerome Galland / Right photo by Anitta Behrendt  //


I could also let Mr. LA just take it all and look for something new. Could I get something custom-made? I wouldn’t mind one big built-in wall-to-wall table with storage underneath. I would just have to figure out how it would work in front of a larger window as it would probably end up covering half of the window. It looks so cool here when the table aligns with the bottom of the window.

I could also go the find-a-table-already-made road. But am I wowed by that idea? Right now, not so much. But when I scroll through all my favorite brands, I do like them all. Just to give you an idea of what I am looking at, here my picks for a cool, modern, contemporary Scandi style desk:


// Affiliate links all marked with *//

1. Diagonal* // 2. Eiermann Frama 2* // 3. TS Desk* // 4. Grossmann Desk ’62-series’* // 5. Palette // 6. Journal Desk* // 7. Tati Desk*// 8. Handvärk Desk // 9. Eames Desk Unit*// 10. EM Table* // 11. Nelson Swag Leg Desk* // 12. 70/70*


What do you think? Any comments? Please weigh-in, so I can convince myself on which direction to go. I am sure you guys have some thoughts or experiences from your desk situation that I haven’t thought of. Can I have some HELP here please.



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