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Topanga Home: My Office With a New Super Soft Handknotted Rug

Today I am taking you to the house in Topanga, I want to show you my office. I won’t say it is finished, but pretty close, at least for now, for the obvious reasons me not being there of course. I am sure as soon as I am back, I’ll change something up again, but this is the state I left it in. And we parted on good terms, me and the office.

Honestly, I had no mayor plan for this room, I have kind of just made it comes together on the fly. The light wasn’t always this amazing. When we moved in, there was these small weird windows installed, so doing the living room remodel we repurposed the windows creating this full wall of windows. The light is just incredible all day every day.

Come to think of it, that’s not completely true, I did have a plan with the desk. I went for a massive glass top instead of the smaller wooden top the trestles came with, which is giving me plenty of space for piles of books and notebooks on both sides of my actual workspace. Something that has proven to come very handy with my hoarding tendencies. Somehow the piles have a tendency to grow bigger by the day. I am not kidding. It might look all neat and tidy, but give it a day, she is back to being a mess. Mr. LA knows it very well. While I am an expert collecting, I can also go berserk from time to time if it gets to messy. Anyway, in this case, size matters. I need my big desk to spread out.  

One last thing about the desk. I am not going to lie, it needs cleaning pretty often, marks and dust is on it like moths to a flame. But you know what, I DON’T CARE. I LOVE IT. ANYWAY.

Just before leaving I brought in a new rug and a sculpture. The rug is 100% New Zealand wool, hand knotted and is so soft. It is designed by Danish artist Carsten Beck Nielsen for Nordic Knots; I love how pulls the room together – and keeps my feet warm. I had been eyeing the taller wooden sculpture by Chandler McLellan for a while. I found the block pedestal hidden in the back of a closet and seems like the perfect fit for the sculpture.

The thing I am not too sure about right now, is the hanging andtradition lamp. I recently got a new table lamp for my Copenhagen office, which I might bring over. I haven’t made up my mind yet. I have also thought about getting the table version of the Taccia lamp, which is still one of my favorite lamps.

So, there you have it. What do you think?

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