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Topanga Home: Our Master Bathroom Reveal

Meet out new master bathroom!!!! The contractor has finally finished everything we planned for now and it feels so good. We knew we wanted to continue the Scandi feeling we have incorporated throughout. We love the terrazzo tile and how it just gives the whole room a über nice spa feeling…and don’t even get me started on the massive shower we created, instead of that weirdly shaped tub that was there before.

You might remember how the room looked before? Not pretty right? Also, go read more about our thoughts about the remodel here. At one end it had that small tub that didn’t really utilize the width of the room. Even though Mr. LA wasn’t too keen on not having a tub, I got him to agree to make a big walk-in shower instead. There was no storage in the old bathroom and the layout was just ALL very off.

We replaced the toilet to where the old shower was, which meant we could also reuse the plumbing… sort of. The plumbing turned out not to be super good, so most of it got replaced in the process too. Normally, that is something that will save you a ton of money, just keeping all the plumbing to where it is.

We really kept it simple, not sourcing the different items from many different brands and stores. I think, for a bathroom, the best place to start is with the tiles. I have been intrigued by the terrazzo tiles for quite some time and luckily Mr. LA was quick to jump on board with that idea. As terrazzo is not the cheapest tile (though you do save some money on using tiles versus having a poured in terrazzo floor) we decided on a basic white subway tile for the walls. Probably one of the cheapest options, but in my mind, looks amazing. We framed the edging all around the top and ends with a black metallic trim.

After that, we started the process of finding the perfect vanity. We knew we wanted a wooden element in the bathroom, something simple, but still functional with as much storage space as possible. You know I am a hoarder by now… that includes toiletries!! Finding the perfect piece turned out NOT to be easy. I spent hours searching online and everything I found was not available in the US. The few vanities we found in stores was just NOT nice. Super expensive, but inexpensively made. We ended up finding a local carpenter, who worked wonders on an Ikea cabinet, adding solid oak wood on all sides including the top. The vessel sink wasn’t easy to find either. We wanted just one, not too big, but certainly not too small either. Luckily, we finally found one that suited our needs perfectly.

Let me tell you one thing. The most expensive thing, at least if you don’t shop it your local Home Depot, is the fixtures. OMG. Who knew? We ended up choosing Dornbracht, a German manufacture of high-end fixtures. As you can see, we also went all out; rain shower, shower wand, faucet, towel rack and hooks – and that’s only what you can see. Then there is everything that goes into the wall behind the fixtures. If you are on a low budget, I think, this is where you want to spend the majority of your money. It is very difficult to replace, so you want to get it right the first time. And honestly, cheaper fixtures also tend to brake easily. The feel of this matt black finish is exactly what we wanted and pulls the entire room together.

Left was just all the smaller things that gives the room character, such as the Mass Light lamps from andtradition, the mirror from rejuvenation and LOTS of Aesop products. Like any room, art can really complete a bathroom! Mr. LA had this one stored, but the colors and the simplicity is just so perfect. We are debating adding a bigger piece on the end wall too, but the right one hasn’t presented itself yet. Plants also shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to a bathroom. Since we have a lot of natural light and plenty of space on the bench, we were able to move the huge one from the living room and it’s really thriving in the shower!

Even though it’s been a long time coming, it is certainly worth the wait. I love that we just didn’t pick something because it was the easy choice or would make the process quicker. We took our time and searched until we found the perfect piece to get it just right the first time. And I hope it shows!

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