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Topanga Home: Quick Fix Revamped Kitchen Reveal

I wont saying moving is the best, but I actually like the process. Packing, unpacking, sorting and figuring out where what goes, both Mr. LA and I were on the same page when it came to getting everything out of the boxes as soon as possible. And as we both hate too much stuff around, we might have just put some things in drawers and cupboards that we will have to come back to later. One week in, no more boxes to unpack, the garage has been emptied and we have a pretty good idea of what we need to fill up the house.

The one room we wont do anything with for a while is the kitchen. The layout is ok, not ideal, but usable. I don’t want to put all Americans in the same box, but my experience tells me that not many actually use their kitchen much. I am used to cooking pretty much all my meals at home and grown up that way. Eating out was a treat. Eating out is certainly become more and more frequent in Denmark too, but in LA at least, people eat out very often. I am trying to make sure we cook our own meals as often as possible. My point is, most kitchen are made to look nice, not laid out to be used that much. Our new kitchen has all the appliances we need, so as I said, we can get around and it’s usable. First priority is most certainly getting the bathrooms fixes, so for now, we will make use of the kitchen as is.

Well almost as is at least. Because, we gave it a little quick revamp. The kitchen is a pretty standard kitchen with yellow’ish wooden fronts, a white stone top and steal appliances. With everything else repainted, we decided the best thing to do, was simply to just get all fronts painted. Here’s a little reminder of how the kitchen did look.

I am so happy with the result. The dark blue and the black knobs makes it so much more sophisticated and modern – and the stone top really come alive. It really is amazing how paint can transform a tired 70ies like kitchen to a modern trendy kitchen. Painting a kitchen is not an easy task, not impossible to do yourself. Just make sure to take your time. The kitchen is painted by hand, so we can see still see the wooden structure.

With keeping the kitchen, it also allows us to live in it for a while, which is always a good idea. You get a better sense of what works, what you use and don’t use, how you move around. A new house doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll need everything like it was in your old kitchen. So if possible, I would always recommend living with the kitchen for a while, unless it’s totally unusable or very old of course.

Deciding on color was relatively easy. We knew that we wanted a blue kitchen, finding the right blue wasn’t all that easy. I have been living with white kitchens pretty much all my life, it is the go-to for most Danes. Mr. LA had a more greyish kitchen before. The color we went is called Infinity Blue, and we saw it in Superfront at our visit to Stockholm. We bought a sample and got it color matched in LA. It reads a little bit to the dusty side. It really makes the kitchen stand out and with the new black knobs West Slope we picked up from Rejuvenation (as you can see we still have a few to change!!) fits perfectly. Plus, it really complements the white stone top and the oak floors.

Now we just need to add the finishing touches. For now I added the vintage rack that Mr. LA already had and our beloved Nespresso coffeemaker. I am desperate to add a few new hanging lamps, the spots are making me insane. I love the quick revamp result – it really doesn’t look like the same kitchen AT ALL!

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  • Reply
    May 13, 2019 at 21:48

    Mr. LA is as hot as this kitchen!

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    Ethan Mills
    June 20, 2019 at 18:24

    What a significant change! I want to redo my kitchen very soon but can’t decide what the final look should be. I found another post that has helped me figure a little out but I really like the look of this, the kind of Scandinavian style! (

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