Topanga Home: The Dining Nook with Dream Chairs + Danish design Lamp

Am I the only one who feels like I am walking in circles within ones four walls? I get my daily exercise walking up and down my stairs from the office, to the kitchen, to the living room about one million times. It is starting to get a bit old don’t you think? Hopefully it will all soon be over and we can look back at it all with a smile. And I will let you get back to your circling your home right after I’m done parading our dining nook around your eyeballs.

As some of you might remember from previous reveals, the living room, which also includes this dining nook, was all painted yellow. If you don’t, check out this living room post.

We basically started our dining nook from scratch, as everything from the old house was left there for the new owners. First thing we picked up was the round Ethnicraft Mikado table* a while back (it got delivered in November) after we literally fell over it on an inspirational tour around some LA shops last summer.

Picking the perfect chairs ended up being the biggest issue. We ended up with the IMHO oh so beautiful Superleggera Chair by Gio Ponti*. It took a while to get Mr. LA on board with this one and after we went to check them out in DWR, I even started to doubt if they would actually suit the Mikado table. Our doubt, seeing a single chair in the store, was that it looked so tiny. Mr. LA started to lobby hard for the wishbone chairs. A chair I certainly love and would happily have picked up a few years ago, I just think they have had their time now. In Denmark they are everywhere – and I wanted something different. Luckily, the final breakthrough came one evening when we went to visit friends in Monticito – around their dining table (similar size to ours) paraded four Superleggera chairs. Just like that Mr. LA was sold. Phew. We ordered them the next day.

With the two of the four prints we got at Downtown Modernism (along with that weird three faced sculpture on the bar) last year and the Miira lamp by Nuura* I made Mr. LA carefully carry back from Copenhagen on a recent trip it all comes together perfectly. Wanna come over for dinner? (well, obvi not right now, since you know… social distancing).

I love the simplicity of it all and I can’t wait to invite everyone over for dinners when I return to LA.

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    March 23, 2020 at 16:44

    Very nice dining area in your new home! Well done! 🙂

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