Transform Your Office Into A Dining Space For Special Gatherings

One of the most common questions you guys ask me is inspiration to small living. I really want to do a full on dorm room special at some point, but for today, I am going to show you, how easy you can transform your office space into a neat dining space for those gatherings with friends.

I teamed up with Danish Engelbrechts, who just launched the Kevi chair in a dining chair version. The Kevi chair was design by Jørgen Rasmussen in 1958 and was initially intended as an office chair, but this year based on Jørgen’s old drawings and ideas, Engelbrechts added 4 legs instead of just one making it into a great dining chair.

Two different new legs are available, wood and metal. The two different versions gives the overall look a very different vibe; the metal leg version will give you a more industrial vibe, where the wooden leg version is perfect for a Scandinavian style vibe. If you do lack space, I would recommend the metal leg version, as this one stacks up.

As my office is also a walk-through-room for my balcony, I chose a smaller table, which also helps me keeping my office a little more neat – and then added both versions of the new Kevi chair, which of course can both be used as a regular office chair and a dining chair, which I really love, especially if your home is not super big. Multifunctional is key right.

Photos by Allan Torp

Posted in partnership with Engelbrechts. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I am excited about and that have kept Bungalow5’s doors open.

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