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What’s up, friends? Thank you so much for following along my adventures in Los Angeles these past three weeks over on the Bungalow5dk Instagram feed. I had such a blast and was fortunate enough to not only see stacks of great design and inspiring interior, but also to spend time getting to know a lot of incredibly inspiring people. I came across and connected with some super design brands and meet some great interior designers during my trip and will bring you my take on each accordingly. I have already shared Alchemy Works, Matteo and Walt Disney Concert Hall. Before we dive into the rest together I felt inspired to share eight of my favourite snapshots that inspired Mr. Bungalow5’s aesthetic eye across the three weeks trip:

1. You can never get enough of Aesop. Their individually designed stores never disappoint, and neither did this one, spotted DTLA.

2. Even though this installation closed the weekend before I arrived, I had to drive by. Projection was a public art installation by Vincent Lamouroux produced by Please Do Not Enter. They transformed the Silver Lake’s deserted and derelict Sunset Pacific Motel into this incredible white universe – a perfect contrast to the clear blue skies.

3. The atmosphere in almost every store I entered was so nice and of course many love their greens just as much as we do. This shop corner was spotted within the very cool fashion brand Unis’ store.

4. Ace Hotel DTLA is always a must visit. The checked floor and brass tabletops are just a sight for sore eyes. And do remember, if you are visiting, take the elevator to the roof top terrace.

5. What is more inspiring than a walk down Venice Beach with the most breath-taking sunset? The colours of the sky and the beach only got more intense as the sun sank behind the hills.

6. Griffith Observatory is probably one of my favourite view-spots in Los Angeles. Sitting on the south-facing slope of Mount Hollywood gives you the perfect 180 degree view of the massive city. The crisp white art-decor exterior is just amazing from every angle.

7. A dream came true. Ever since I started blogging I have dreamed about visiting this magnificent mid century modern home. I got to stand poolside at the Stahl House overlooking the city and this amazing piece of architecture – all alone!

8. Well. And me. I just had to find the “Made In LA”-wall – yeah, there is a “Made” above me also. One of the go-to walls if you are in LA and on Instagram… So I posted my ass of…!


Ps. As you have probably noted. I am only writing in English, no more Danish. I have decided to do this, as the readership is growing outside Denmark and as writing in both languages both takes a lot of time and takes up a lot of space, making the post longer.


Photos: Allan Torp,

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