Trip With The Guys And The Porsche

It is really difficult not being like a kid in a candy store, when given the opportunity to test drive the new Porsche Panamara for a couple of days. You don’t even have to be a car enthusiast to appreciate this beauty of a car, I basically know nothing about cars, but driving this sports meet luxury limousine of car, it beyond everything.

I knew I had to share the experience as much as possible, so I asked the guys Thomas Sondergaard and Juan Luis Vásquez, both guys I know from Instagram, to join me for a day trip. The Panamara is a massive beast, and the one I got for test, was full of extra gear, like heat in the steering wheel and massage in the seat. It is a fast car, not really fit for the Danish highway, with a speed indicator that just showed 50,100, 150,200… 330, making it the fastest mass-produced with a Diesel motor in the world.

All photos by Thomas Søndergaard


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