TRNK Reveals Stunning Danish Design Classic

To round of my New York trip I want to show you a few photos from the TRNK showroom including, to me, a ”new” midcentury Danish design chair. I have written and linked to TRNK many times before, but never myself, visited their cute Manhattan showroom. It is by appointment only, but I am sure, if you do reach out and happen to visit New York Tariq and Nick will happily let you through the gates.

The TRNK showroom is not massive, but shows the best of their great online selection, including their own collection of sofas and armchairs; the Truss collection, beautiful rugs by Spanish Nanimarquina and American Loloi rugs, great art pieces, a lot of Danish design (which I of course love), but they also recently started to sell, to me never-seen before Danish design piece from the 1950s.

Drawing its name from the playful shape of the seat back, the Penguin Chair was designed by Danish furniture designer and architect Ib Kofod-Larsen in the 1950s. Belonging to the same generation as his more famous colleagues Hans J. Wegner and Børge Mogensen, Kofod-Larsen drew inspiration from the natural beauty of wood and raw materials.

For some reason this chair has never really made it big in Denmark, and was actually originally launched in 1953 by US furniture company Selig, and if you do come across an original, BUY IT. Thanks to a small Danish carpenter studio Brdr. Petersen, the chair is now back in production, but haven’t really broken the barrier yet. I am sure this will change very soon, just remember, you saw it here first.

Photos by Allan Torp

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