Tumble Dry Without Any Worries

Seriously is there anything better than newly washed sheets and fluffy towels? In my quest to make laundry sexy again, I want to talk a little bit about the tumble dryer today, many people are of the believe that it uses a lot of power and ruins/shrinks the clothes, that is far from the truth. New technology actually allows you to dry any fabric without it shrinking – even wool and silk – and with one of the dryers from AEG, you basically don’t even notice the cost on your electrical bill, as it hardly used any.p

While it might be tempting to hang your clothes outside, it is not always an option, maybe you, like me, are allergic to pollen, or you just don’t have the outside space. Just remember a few tips when using the dryer; don’t overfill it, remember to use the spin-dryer in your washer before the actual dryer, sort your clothes, as some need more drying time than others.

If you want to learn more about the AEG AbsoluteCare system check out these two videos.

Photos by Allan Torp

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