Turn Your Balcony Into A Summer Sanctuary

Happy April! Happy summer time! Can you feel it? Just like that, your mood is instantly just a little bit better. I bet it’s because it’s officially that time of year for celebrations, feasts, get togethers, and more! I spent last week getting my balcony summer ready. This season I really wanted something that was more casual, something more usable that previous – and I wanted something that would also work as display for all my plants, which simultaneously would work as cover from my nosy neighbors eyes.

I’ve always dreamt about an outdoor couch, full of throws and pillows, perfect for entertainment, but also for coffee and naps in the sun. I also envisioned a beautiful table, big enough for a beautiful set scenery, and of course I turned to my trusted friends at Jotex – everything from blankets, table, couch, rugs, and more was delivered straight to my home.

Creating moments like this are one of my favorite things to do – now I just need it to be a few warmer summer nights and I am ready the ultimate gatherings.

See all the details of my picks below.


DETAILS all affiliate links // Couch ‘Mention‘ / Benches ‘Näs‘ / Coffee table ‘Menton‘ / Grey Pot Big ‘Kennedy‘ / Black Pot Medium ‘Kennedy‘ / Candlestick ‘Dorsia‘ / Grey honeycomb throw ‘Vendela‘ / Silvergrey throw ‘Mysa‘ / Small black vase ‘Hofors‘ / Blue linen napkins ‘Hedda‘ / Small white plates ‘Silvia‘ / Terracotta & blue bowls ‘Ocean‘ / Terracotta & blue jug ‘Ocean‘ / Cutlery ‘Dinera‘ / Champagne glasses ‘Blanche‘ / Big wooden platter ‘Colton‘ / Sustainable Outdoor rug ‘Corso‘ / Big blue seating cushion ‘Boho‘ / Middle Eastern inspired bowl ‘Tracey


Styling and Photography by Allan Torp

Posted in partnership with Jotex. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I am excited about and that have kept Bungalow5’s doors open.

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