Two-Story 1930s Copenhagen Apartment with Charming Antique Features

Normally I would scout the Swedish real estate sites for stunning apartments for sale, but I have recently come across one based in Copenhagen. She is doing a mighty good job in showing off the apartments she puts on the market. For many years I have questioned why so few real estate agents in Denmark do not make more of an effort in showcasing their listings better, they just leave it up to the seller to “clean” and have a photographer take a few half-assed pictures, but not Anna Reventlow.

This two-story 1930s Copenhagen apartment is packed with charming features like an industrial glass wall and an antique iron spiral staircase. The apartment is on the two top floors of the building, which not only means it is extremely light (helped along with all white walls and ceilings), but also gives it two balconies.

A pretty perfect apartment to start of this week, don’t you think?

I featured another of Anna’s previous listing here.

That’s all for me today, I’ll be on my own balcony if you need me encouraging my plants to grow quicker.

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