TypeO brings home Hasami Porcelain

Bungalow5_TypeO_Hasami Porcelain_1_1

At both my first and second visit to Los Angeles I went down Abbot Kinney to drink cotados, eat super healthy vegan food, say hi to Holly and of course visit the beautiful Tortoise General Store, why? Every time I just wanted to smuggle home as much of the stackable Hasami Porcelain collection, but I didn’t. I was afraid it would break. And it is not the cheapest porcelain.

So you can probably imagine my excitement, when I saw that Swedish TypeO started selling the great Hasami via their webshop. I have been following TypeO via Instagram for some time now; they really do have a great eye for great design.

Thank you Em for the heads up today!

Bungalow5_TypeO_Hasami Porcelain_1_2

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