Upgrade & Personalize Your Rental Bathroom, Danish Style

Rental spaces can be a challenge, who often cannot exercise full creative license over features, fixtures, and hues. That’s why it’s all the more impressive when one is able to fully realize their design vision in a rental.

A lot of renters settle for an outdated, boring space until they can move into the home of their dreams. Well, I’ll say, well, you don’t have to! I have now lived in my rental for a year and even though I have no intention of staying for the next 10+ years, I am still daily reminded about cheap solutions, especially when it comes to my bathroom. My number one issue has been the lack of a proper showerhead, so I decided to change it and also add a nice new faucet with the help from Damixa.

It was super easy, in theory you could complete it yourself (or with just a little help, like I did) in no time. And even better: just make sure to save the old fixtures, and you can take the new upgrades with you when you move!

Damixa is Danish sleek, Scandinavian design and after I saw their newest simple and elegant Silhouet design a few months ago, I was sure this was the perfect match for me. One of the reasons was the combi in the shower with a proper overhead rainshower, so no kneeling is necessary (I am a tall guy) and a hand shower (you know, some places just can’t be reached by the overhead showerhead!). I went with the chrome version, as I think that suits the rest of the “boring” bathroom – there is only so much you can do with white walls and floors, right?

With the new rainshower and new towels I am definitely one step closer to that total spa experience. It really is all about just “owning” it like you really own it.

//Photos & styling by Allan Torp

Paid partnership with Damixa. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I am excited about and that have kept Bungalow5’s doors open.

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