Urban Jungle – Living And Styling With Plants


I am so proud of my friends Igor (Happy Interior Blog) and Judith (Joelix), what started with a chat between the two friends in a Parisian café in only a few years turned into an Instagram account with 163K followers, 80.000 pictures with the #urbanjunglebloggers hashtag and now also a book, Urban Jungle.



The book has five “at home with” visits, where we are all invited inside the homes of 5 different families from across Europe, one of the have a massive and very impressive 600+ houseplants collection. In between the home visits the book is packed with plant DIY, and maybe best of all, plant portraits on all our favourite blogger plants. The Fidus Elastica is there, Calathea is there and of course Monstrea Deliciosa is there. All plant portraits come with a care tips guide and a styling tips guide, which I found very helpful – my own Calathea was actually looking a little tired, but the great tips made it happy again in just one week.

The book is out now in both German and English and is absolutely a must have if you like those green plants – it is a great book full of great features and pictures. Now my goal is just to convince the authors to come to Copenhagen for their second book…






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