Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

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It’s that time of the year where everything turns pink and red; it’s times to celebrate love; it is of course Valentine’s Day. So now you have one week to find that perfect gifts that just says love. From what I am told, girls do love the attention they get on Valentine’s and here is a secret, so do guys, we just don’t want flowers. Granted, men are hard to shop for. I get it. But… I’ve done the impossible for you and rounded up a list of dude-approved gifts for various personalities and various budgets. All items should be fairly easy to find, so bonus points if you do the wrapping yourself – make an effort, ok?

Now go get that gift and enjoy Valentine’s Day with your man and stop stressing over the perfect gift! You are the perfect gift in his eyes I am sure. Just tell him, you love him and slip in that little VD gift.

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A bottle of whisky. Try a Talisker Skye, which is a bit smokey, but not overpowering. If you are lucky he might share it with you. Or maybe the present could be you and two mixed cocktails – try the whisky sour, which is quite easy to make and super tasteful.

For the music lover on the run, get him a pair of the Beoplay H5. Wireless earphones, powerful sound and long lasting playtime.

A wallet can be a bit clumpsy, and if he only uses his creditcards anyway, get him a smart creditcard/businesscard holder from Georg Jensen.

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All men likes to look handsome, and they like it even more if you tell that they look handsome. For his face you should get him the Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque, the Fabulous Face Cleanser and the Facial Fuel Energizing Tonic. If he likes a clean shave, he needs the right gear, check out Danish and Copenhagen based Barberians for supply. Finally, I would expect you are planning to kiss all day all night, so while you are shopping, get a bottle of the Aesop Mouthwash. It is so good.


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