Vibrant Italian-design Rental in Venice

I always shout Airbnb for rentals before booking hotels before I travel, there are often many great places to be experienced. If I am staying longer or traveling in a group I prefer a hole house instead of separate hotel rooms. If I it’s only for a night or two, I do prefer a hotel, it’s just a little more lux I think.

One I have had bookmarked for the longest time, is Casa Flora in Venice. It is massive and sleeps 7 people, so I guess I need the perfect occasion for a celebratory trip to Venice. Casa Flora is an Italian-design apartment, completely custom made that welcomes travelers with the comforts of a boutique hotel but at the same time, the freedom of a private home. It is so vibrant and colorful, and frankly I am not even sure I would want to explore the city if staying here, plenty of exploration to be done around this home.


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