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I am firm believer in getting a good nights rest equals way more productivity, looking way better, and just being ready to conquer everything with a smile the next day. I also believe that you can teach yourself to need less sleep, I used to sleep a lot, but now I can easily go with just 6-7 hours per night. I teamed up with favourite bed and bedding maker, Auping creating these few tricks, you can rest assured that you feel energized and rejuvenated every day.


Stick to a schedule

It is important that you make a plan and stick to it, even during those busy weeks. You might feel tempted to cut down on your sleeping hours and then just stay in bed all weekend. Unless you just want to be hitting that “snooze” button over and over again on Monday morning, don’t do it. Instead, try to go to bed and wake up at the same time, even during you days off. This will keep your biological clock intact and help you wake up well-rested. Actually, if you stick to this, you’ll find yourself waking up every day around the same time without even using that alarm clock.

Stress free bedroom

It goes without saying; your bedroom should really just be one big sanctuary of calmness. Keep anything that causes you anxiety – or too much excitement – out of the room. Anything remotely work related, laptops with unread e-mails, TVs, iPads, phone or any device with access to cable-TV, Netflix or HBO, and any guilt-inducing to-do lists have to go out of your sight (and mind). If you need help decorating, check out my previous post “The 5 Rules Of Bedroom Styling”.


A good workout will not only get you swimwear ready but will in fact also make you sleep like a baby. Rigorous activities are perfect for boosting your energy during the daytime (and making sure that you are tired at night). I find that if I spent a good 1-2 hours working out during the afternoon, it helps me stay awake and alert all night, but also cuts down my need for sleep during the night, so instead of my before usual 8 hours, I am now on 6-7 hours with a good workout. It is also a good idea to do a light stretching session in the morning while the coffee is brewing – 20 minutes tops – that will get your mind and body ready to seize that day.

Turn the lights down

Naturally, bright light keeps us awake. This is why we all love those great summer mornings, but staring at your phone before bedtime – not so much. Keep the light in your bedroom romantically dim and stay away from screens for at least an hour before bed. Research also implies that even the smallest light from your alarm clock or phone (when you receive those notification) during your sleep will wake you up, just enough to get you out of that deep sleep, even if you don’t notice, it happens. In other words, leave your phone out of the bedroom.

Sleeping and “Sleeping” only

Surely we love those multipurpose furniture, but when it comes to your bed, you should actually only use it for two things: sleeping and “sleeping” with someone – which science btw says (also) helps get a better night’s rest. So if you are single, you might want to get yourself on to Tinder.

Invest in a proper bed

The most important element of your sleeping ritual should in fact be the bed. We spend 1/3 of our life lying in bed, so this is not where you want to safe those cash. The madras is of course the most important thing, choose wisely and do get some professional help – this is where you might find help visiting an authorised Auping dealer. You will be surprised, you might think their beds are only for the very wealthy, quite the contrary actually, in fact they do run a summer sale these days.


Ps. All bedding, pillow, and bed are borrowed by Auping to make this post




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