warmth and atmosphere in the bedroom


My bedroom is the place where I can really be on my own (most of the time, ahem!). Sharing an apartment with two other people is great, but sometimes you just need to be able to be on your own. I love my bedroom to be very calm, easy for the eye and as this is really my true own space in the apartment, this is where I also show a few of my very personal things.

On one side of my bed, I have installed a smaller unit on wheels from ATBO. I have added a few drawers, one big and two smaller more tray-like drawers, which are perfect for a cup of coffee or a little candle when you want to step-up the cosiness.




On the other side, below my photo wall, with a mix of new and old photos and prints, I have a bigger unit also on wheels. I find it so much easier to have wheels on these shelves, as it not only makes it easier to move around, whenever I am bored and need a change, but also when you have to clean.

Adding wood and photos gave the bit cold and boring white walls and black bed the warmth and atmosphere I was looking for.

ATBO is a piece of Danish classic furniture; it is all handmade and produced in Denmark. It has a very minimalist Nordic design and almost endless possibilities, when it comes to putting a unit together. I have shown you how to use the ATBO in many ways now, in my hallway and in my mom’s summerhouse. As I just said, the possibilities are truly endless. And I love it.



Photo: Allan Torp, – made in collaboration with ATBO, the words, opinions and images are made by me.

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