What would you pay for design icons?

Lyngbyvases #14

Do you often think that your favourite design piece cost way too much? Honestly, I do! What if you could just decide what you wanted to pay for the design icon of your dreams, now wouldn’t that be something?

Via the Danish website you can. You pick the icon you want and simply leave an offer for the suppliers. If they want to sell you the piece at your suggested price, well… then it is all yours.

As you buy directly through retailers there is so much to choose from. How about one of the crispy white Lyngby vases for those weekend flowers? Or how about that Eames House bird (one of my absolute favourite décor objects)? You could also go bigger and bid on Wegner’s iconic Wishbone chair. You never know, maybe your suggested price will get you the chair. I dare you. Go try! You know you want to.


Bungalow5_Carl Hansen & Son_Global Homes_2

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