Why I am Heading to Formland this Week – And Why You Should Too.

I’ll be kicking of my share of the season fairs this week at Formland – and I am pretty excited to experience all the great Danish brands up close. I do not keep track of how many times I have visited Formland already, I do know, I really enjoy this biannual fair very much.

My favorite is the Spring edition that kicks off on Thursday, it also kicks off my design season. While news of new 2020 collection has been filling up my mailbox, this is where I go to experience it all for the first time. After a long gray winter, I am craving new inspiration, color and a lot of great conversation – Formland truly captures it all and is a warm welcome back to the land of Danish design.


I never feel rushed at Formland and I rarely have to queue for anything because it’s not overtaken by bloggers, press, and influencers, so I find value in being there personally. I personally set aside two days; leaving Copenhagen by train Thursday morning, which will drive me straight to the fair with all day to spend walking the many halls.


It is the perfect place to find new, small-scale Scandinavian brands, like Kodanska, Humdakin and Spring Copenhagen.


Unique to the spring fair is creators community, where Formland invites creative people to showcase their designs for the first time. This time 58 will exhibit – it is the perfect place to find new upcoming brands.


It’s so easy to just grab someone and get a coffee or drink. At the end of the day, everyone gathers around one of the bars for an after-work drink. So casual, so friendly.


Formland focuses on sustainability. Not just one season like many other fairs, but in general. Many of the brands exhibiting are leaders when it comes to using new materials and clever solutions they find in their research when they want to make their products even better.


Studie Flyhelsted has been creating the most inspiring trend zones for years – and it is truly some of the best I’ve seen. I am very excited to see their concept this time, “The Art of Living”.


Formland has actually made it a focus to provide a great food experience for everyone. At most other fairs I have visited all you can find is overpriced junk food, but not at Formland. Not only do the make an effort in giving great options for affordable fresh food, but they also make the entire experience worthwhile with great settings. This time it is “The Villa” by Atelier Cph. Also, maybe even the biggest plus, you can find great coffee.


The fair is very manageable consisting of 7 halls all connected. The air is good, the lighting is nice, and the overall floor plan is perfect. You can focus on what you are there for without being too distracted getting lost. Each hall has a special theme. Wellknown stylish brands are grouped together curated in the ONE hall, you’ll find the bigger leading brands in another hall, food is in one hall, new talent in another, and there is one for just flowers/plants, and one for food, etc. There is definitely something for everyone.


Every season Formland invites many very inspiring and talented people to speak at the Speakers Corner – many of which will bring your business great value. Friday afternoon my friends Holly from Decor8 is hosting an interior trends talks that I am very excited for.

I will be attending the fair Thursday and Friday – I hope to see you there. If you are there too, let me know. And if not, keep an eye out for my Instagram story for highlights.

All photos by Anne Sofie Rosenvinge

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