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After a very long flight back from Los Angeles, I finally arrive home safe. The next couple of days I will stay on LA time, as I will stay up Sunday night watching the Oscars anyway, so I feel that is better than to mess my body up more than necessary. This will actually also allow me to get a good chuck of my book writing covered, as I am sure I won’t be interrupted much throughout the very late hours.

I often get the question if I don’t get tired of working from home, and my answer is always the same – I love it. Working from home is ideal for me. I love that I can work whenever and in whatever I want. My days are normally very different, and I would hate to spend time in traffic to and from some office space, not to mention the waste of money, which I’ll much rather spend on a nice workspace setting at home.

As I am soon moving I am really contemplating turning one of the rooms into a full on office and work studio – for the past two years I have used half of my dining table as my workstation, which is beginning to annoy me. I want a place to be able to store everything I work with on a daily basis, and leaving it without having to remove it all because I have friends over for dinner.

Is it too much to ask for to have something like Norm Architect’s Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen??



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