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In Barcelona I stayed at two different places. First two nights at Casa Gracia, a very nice and affordable hostel. I then moved to stay one night at yök Casa + Cultura Barcelona, a home away from home, or an apartment somewhere between a hotel and an AirBnB apartment. yök Casa + Cultura Barcelona consists of three different apartments, which is not inhabited by tenants all year, but rented out on a daily basic. Everything is run by the two girls Petz and Mari, who sits on the top floor of the building, giving them perfect access to everything, aka. you kind of get your own locals at your full disposal with your stay. Great bonus. If you are lucky, you can even persuade them to have breakfast with you on their beautiful roof top terrace.



yök Casa + Cultura consists of three separate apartments – Casa A and B are for up to four people with two double-bedrooms. And Casa C, the one I was staying in, offers accommodation for up to eight people – thus a perfect place if you travel with a bunch of friends. Casa C has 4 rooms, all with their own bathroom, so you don’t have to fight to many people for the shower and mirror every morning. Believe me, we have tried that on a previous blogger tour, not a pretty sight. It was like cattle fighting for the last drops of water after crossing the Serengeti.



The manifesto of yök is amazing in itself: yök Casa + Cultura is not only a sustainable and eco-friendly home away from home, it also reflects the real Barcelona of its people, not the mass visited and often tacky Barcelona of tourist guides. And I totally agree. The second you enter the apartment you fell like home. Well almost. I would kill for an original tile floor like the one you see all over this place.



You know me. I love traveling like a local. I would rather stay with someone, in someone’s home or like this. yök Casa + Cultura is the perfect place for a group of friends with a bit more budget than for a hostel stay and for people who wants the – almost – true feeling being local in Barcelona.


Photography by Allan Torp. Susanna Vento and Carlos Barruz

Our tour and events was part of the Design Bloggers United Spain tour, and arranged for us by Spanish Design Companies Association RED (Reunión Empresas de Diseño). It’s formed to promote the spanish design in international markets.

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