Zipp Copenhagen

Music is with me all the time, it’s the first thing I turn on in the morning (while the coffee is brewing) and its the last thing I turn off before bed. If I am not listing at home, I listen on the go, on the bike, in the car, while traveling, while training, everywhere. I love how music can help your mood, no matter what state you are in. It can pick you up from heart breaking breakups, or just make you dance your ass off all day and night.

Last months I brought with me the Libratone One-Click with me to Lanzarote, but at home, I like to go all in. So these days I am rocking the bigger Zipp Copenhagen. I love the innovative design, unbeatable sound quality and the facts that it just blends in in any interior.

I love Spotify also, which allows me to make the perfect playlist for anytime. My Summer-On-The-Go playlist is a working process, which you can follow here if you need some inspirational tunes.





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