• Bungalow5_Loft apartment_1

    Perfect Less Is More Studio

    This year will definitely be my “less is more” year; I have already started the process of clearing out my closets to the bare necessities. I am not quite there just…

  • Bungalow5_FERM_LIVING_feat

    My 13 Favorite Scented Candles

    I am obsessed with scented candles, always been, always will be. I also know a lot of people who hate them, but I believe that the only scented candle smell they…

  • Bungalow5_Ferm Living_2017_7

    Scenes Of Splendor from Ferm Living

    Last week ferm living gave us (the Danish bloggers and press) a sneak peek of their newest collection. I for one was very happy to see a shift in their collection,…

  • Bungalow5_Grey Apartment_3

    Amazing Grey Studio Apartment

    Quite often I get an email asking about living small, you know how to decorate a smaller apartment making room for everything. Layout is of course key; you really do not…

  • Bungalow5_String_News_2017_1

    Functional & Flexible String

    Back in Copenhagen. All I wanted after arriving in Copenhagen yesterday was to go home and crawl into bed. Not so much because I was tired, but because it was cold,…

  • bungalow5_kahler_unico_all

    Recreating Iconics From Kähler

    Even though I unfortunately cannot attend the showing and release of the new Kähler collection, as I am boarding my flight flying home to Copenhagen after 5 weeks in Cape Town,…

  • bungalow5_7-years

    Hello 8

    Without doubt this last year, my 7th year blogging, was the best year to date & I owe it all to you guys, well and a little bit to myself also…

  • bungalow5_wah_richmond_1

    80s Style Warehouse Apartment

    You might recognize one of these photos, as I have shown it already, but I R E A L L Y like this whole apartment, and as I am rethinking my…