• bungalow5_foscarini_lamps

    37 Lamps To Light Up Your Mood

    More than any other element in the decoration, lights are the most important to create a certain mood and has a big influence on how we decorate all rooms. We want…

  • bungalow5_million-cph_3

    Million – A new Danish brand

    Basically so many of the Danish design brands are looking the same. A fact, that I hear people say, especially internationally, over and over again. And I really have to agree…

  • bungalow5_montana_vitrine_2

    Comeback Kid: The Vitrine Cabinet

    The open shelving is definitely pretty and super easy, however, it is not super practical, it’s like a dust magnet. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, I am really…

  • bungalow5_utzon_9

    The Ahm House by Jørn Utzon

    This house was definitely too good not to share. It might not be your typical Scandinavian all-white bloggers favourite, but when a house designed by renowned Danish architect Jørn Utzon, best…

  • bungalow5_kartotek-interview_1

    Signe Bertelsen and Julie Warberg

    On a recent trip of mine, I was talking to my fellow travel companion about sending home a postcard to our moms, just like in the old days. We never did,…

  • bungalow5_studio-apartment_8

    Impressive Studio Apartment in Stockholm

    This might be one of the most, correction, this is the most impressive studio apartment I have every seen. Everything from the black kitchen packed with overhead cupboards, the tall giant…

  • bungalow5_lounge-chairs_hermann-miller_3

    11 Lounge Chairs We All Want

    Lounge Chair, Armchair, Easy Chair… finding the proper name for the category is just as hard as finding the right one. From mid-century to modern lounge chairs, there are so many…