• bungalow5_nordal-service_1

    Apple And Olive Oil Cake

    I don’t know if it is all the travelling these past weeks that has termed me into this domestic housewife or the fact that both the British and Danish Great Bake-off…

  • bungalow5_illum_2

    Get Ready For This Is A Man’s World

    It is official! This coming Friday I am, together with fellow male bloggers Nicolai and Peter, hosting a little (read: grand) evening get-together for all our male readers (and all your…

  • bungalow5_guesthouse-vienna_6

    The Guesthouse Vienna

    The scene was set when I visited Vienna; the sun was shining from an almost blue sky this Sunday in October. It couldn’t be better … if it wasn’t for my…

  • bungalow5_georg-jensen_ilse_candleholder

    Three Of The Best Candleholders

    It is sort of a cliche, but I get the question again and again, when having people from abroad visiting – what is ”hygge”? There is really no English word for…

  • bungalow5_beosound2_1

    Like No One Else

    I like the big TV, but when it comes to the speakers, I want them to blend-in. I want the good sound, but I don’t want more black metallic plastic around…

  • bungalow5_ikea_feat

    3 Ways To Do Burgundy In Your Home

    Everyone is talking green and grey as the new big colours, both great colours, today I wan’t to share something completely different that I have noticed here and there lately. The…

  • bungalow5_feinedinge_1

    Handmade Porcelain Must Have

    In Vienna, which is gorgeous by the way – guide to the city will come soon I promise, I came across feinedinge, a porcelain store. The basic material of all objects…

  • bungalow5_books_montana

    10 Reads For A Rainy Day

    I know it is easy to just grab that phone or laptop, but don’t you think it’s a shame that we hardly have time to immersion anymore? I mean, reading a…