• Bungalow5_ZW6_Jeroen_van_Zwetselaar_Casper_Faassen_interieur_architect_6

    The House Of Artist Casper Faassen

    I really do apologize for the lack of interior design and inspirational homes for us all to gape at. I just haven’t seen many I wanted to share lately, I fell…


    Get The Perfect Tiny Garden Corner

    What I wouldn’t do to have a garden again, just a few square meters would do. Okay. Maybe 10, at least. I am totally compensating with my indoor living room green…

  • Bungalow5_Resolutions_1

    Are You On Track With Your 2016 Resolutions

    Six months in 2016, halfway. God time flies. I know it is super cliché to say, but I really don’t understand how fast these past six months just disappeared. Do you…

  • Bungalow5_Los Angeles_Gallery_1

    10 Favourite Summer Vibe Prints

    Okay okay, I know you know that I am going to Los Angeles pretty soon. I wont stop talking about it anytime soon, so you better just embrace it. However, why…


    Ruths Hotel, Skagen, Denmark

    Last week I killed two birds with one stone, as I went full on road trip across the country to visit the most northern part of Copenhagen, Skagen. So two reviews…

  • LIFE

    My 5 Best Tips For Sale Hunting

    It is sale season, actually it has been for quite a while now, but I always until it almost last minute, as you will find the best discounts. However, it is…

  • ART

    Get The Gallery Vibe In Your Home

    Do you ever walk into an art gallery and think “This. This is exactly what I want my home to look like.” I do it every time I walk into an…